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 name: Caro
 date: 24. 07. 2007, 15:28 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: salut!
new question:
Who is the "big" vampire in one of the Simpson-halloween shows?

P.S.: Why is Physik such a boring thing? Want to read Potter! (Although i know the end ;o))
 charon says: ha, don't insult me, it's marge of course! (for all the passers-by: ask me about simpsons trivia!)
i manage to slip a page or two between work when nobody's watching... but don't tell anyone!

no 222
 name: well..
 date: 20. 06. 2007, 17:18 Uhr
 homepage: none
"ps: just so you know, i passed my exams. now i'm a certified fachinformatiker (systemintegration). i was told that having such a cliffhanger on the site was not a nice thing to do"

i'd say it's brave, more likely. you do have one of those "no, i will not fix your computer"-shirts, do you?
you should don it on a daily basis now.

(congratulations, mate. i still hope you'll send all those people whose printers "just don't work" to hell and go to college. just for the sake of having nothing to do but read a whole lot of books for a while.)
 charon says: hell no! i'd get cought up between having nothing to do and having an insane amount to do (at least that's what i've learned from my college-attending friends) and... while not being too different from what i'm facing on a day-to-day basis, not getting money for that is not an option right now ;o)

no 221
 name: girl
 date: 01. 04. 2007, 16:50 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: sometimes i'm dreaming... dreaming of a day when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. i'm lying on the ground my eyes are closed and i'm listening to the sounds of the nature. and although my eyes are closed i know that there is somebody by my side and this person is lying there and understands me, knows me really. i know that i only must open my eyes to see this person and this give me a warm feeling. (i also know that there are a lot of mistakes, sorry for that)
 charon says: green grass below, blue sky above. and everything in between is changeable, doable, possible.

no 220
 name: sassl
 date: 29. 01. 2007, 14:57 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: no, edvard. what a question.
i hope you got around the shoeing and today is your day to indulge in your very own addictions.
i also - without any proper understanding of the situation - wish you less immature eighteen-year olds to deal with, less crisis, less snow blindness, but a reasonable amount of snow nonetheless, a decent post-birthday party, also without any blindness troubling you. oh, and a girl that deserves you, finally.
unfortunately i'm not GOD, so someone else will have to take care of these things.
at least i can wish you a happy birthday.
laugh and have lots of reason for it!
 charon says: well, crossing fingers often is quite enough. thanks for that!

no 219
 name: sassl
 date: 17. 01. 2007, 13:59 Uhr
 homepage: none
 comment: why, just fucking why!!!! did i just spend 40 which i don't have on amazon?! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,
that always happens to me.
(grieg, calexico, dredg. the usual suspects. what can a simple girl like me do against it.)
 charon says: oh, yeah, those addictions... it's even harder when your birthday is coming up and you know you're gonna get a shoeing for buying anything at all!
oh, and grieg? the edvard one? or did i miss another musical epiphany? damn you, work!

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